About us

The Team:

The History:

We love working with Artists to produce our watches, and although it is not common practice; we feel strongly that it is important to do so.

This commitment to art is inspired by the personal history of Rosetta Schmutz. Rosetta is the great great grandmother of Schmutz founder, Lee Dowell.

Lee is passionate about watchmaking and searches for ways to improve the industry. When Lee was given the personal journal of Rosetta and read about her vocation, painting watch dials, in La-Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland he set to work designing a modern watch that could perfectly frame contemporary hand painted watch dials.

The practice of hand painting watch dials was commonplace in Rosetta's time period and we feel that it should still be so. This commitment to personal craftsmanship was and continues to be a motivation and driving force for Schmutz Watches.


The Future:

We are bringing art outside the home; allowing people to discover art in a new and fresh way. As people incorporate Schmutz watches into their dress they are connecting with the art in a new form. The opportunities are endless as you may commission an artist to create a dial just for you that will never be reproduced or replicated. We love this feeling and think about it often because we are asked more about our Schmutz watches than any other thing we have ever worn.