Commissioned Watches

Each commissioned watch is completely unique. Just as you would commission any piece of art, you will have the opportunity to provide input towards the crafting of your watch. The images below are examples of commissioned pieces that artists have created so far. Once you've selected an artist, you'll be able to list colors, designs, shapes, etc. that you'd like to see on your watch. To learn more about each artist visit our Artist section.



The commission process is a simple one :

  1. Place an order with your desired artist.
  2. Within 24 hours of your order a member of our team will contact you in regards to any special requests / preference / etc. which will then be communicated with the artist.
  3. Timeline - Once the artist has begun your piece, a more detailed timeline can be provided - we strive to have your watch made, assembled, tested, and delivered in under 4 weeks - however, because our artists span the globe - this timeline will vary.
  4. Progress Updates - Throughout the creation process our artists will send photos and descriptions - which will give you an opportunity to make changes, suggestions, etc. throughout the process. For each commission piece there are typically 2 stages of confirmation (although there can be more if you would prefer).
  5. Once the artist has completed your piece - it is sent to our watchmaker for assembly, testing, and final confirmation and delivery.
    Along with your commissioned watch - a matte, 5x7 print of your piece will be included - which will be hand numbered (1/1) and will also serve as a certificate of authenticity.